IAL, Innovazione Apprendimento Lavoro, is one of the most extended, historical Italian network of social enterprises working in VET and in lifelong learning. Since its foundation in 1955 by the initiative of CISL (Italian Confederation of Trade Unions Workers), IAL has been protagonist of the evolution of the national vocational education and training system and of the employment policies, by strategically linking learning processes to the employability paths of people and to the competitiveness needs of companies, never forgetting the fundamental value of the human person centrality that is the inspiring guiding principle of its mission.
IAL network consists of 14 regional companies owned by the national enterprise and a delegation in Stuttgart, Germany.
With its 67 accredited centers, 28 schools, 156 laboratories, and through the contribution of its 700 employees, the IAL network guarantees a capillary territorial presence, ensuring high professional and service standards strengthened by sharing values, strategic choices and participatory governance approaches.
IAL nazionale and its network addresses its offer to both public and private sectors, along the entire education and training chain, which includes complementary services aimed at inclusion and reintegration into the labor market for the young and the adult, employed and unemployed, in constant dialogue with companies. Our centers offer vocational guidance, first vocational and educational training (also by apprenticeship and stage experiences), continuous training, qualification, upskilling and reskilling paths for workers, for unemployed or workers at risk of unemployment; programmes and activities for local development and social inclusion, also funded by the main European Funds.

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