Our Mission


Since the beginning the IAL was an "institution", our mission has been an open and quality training for people. Facing the current challenges it’s necessary to start from the people and work by setting up a network of services for training. At the same time we work keeping in mind the innovation but remaining faithful to the values of solidarity typical of the trade union action.


While Economy, society, the world of knowledge and work are changing at the same time the needs of people are changing too and gets stronger the need to start again from the work, the value of autonomy and dignity.

Since when the work was considered only "a trade" the IAL has trained thousands of young people, workers, citizens, enterprises through these fifty years of extraordinary transformation of the country and its culture from the economic and social point of view.
The IAL offers paths and growth opportunities both professional and personal as a result of the careful listening to the needs and expectations of people. This action has become more and more complex, specialized and innovative in its methodologies and techniques.

The belief that a good training is the priority based on the promotion and protection of the person, trying to translate constraints into opportunities is the thing that characterize our strategy of work. A belief which is confirmed as we move from an unprecedented economic and financial crisis to a new perspective of growth that will be credible, according to the renewed European strategy, if it will be "sustainable, smart, inclusive".

Growing up in work and its quality it’s the still open challenge on which depend the necessary productivity gains and competitive capacity of the entire system of the country.

This is a challenge giving priority to training in all fields, its value and its quality, not only with respect to education but also to society and the labor market, as a cornerstone of a system of safeguards intended to support the growth of each person, through opportunities of learning involving "long life" and "long wide".

This system is also able to help workers inside and outside the workplace referring to the model of “ active welfare”.
The aim is to consolidate their active policies starting from the supply and demand encounter to the demand of labor intermediation, from the orientation training to the continuous one.
The subsidiary role of social actors is valued trough bilateral agencies and inter professional funds which represent in the trade union’s action an exercise complementary to bargaining and participation.
When training was considered only “training” the IAL has taken the idea of functional training to help the development of the people’s total capacity to try to be protagonists of their future using all the resources, making effective choices being aware at the same time of the possible consequences.

Our crucial role in the world of work has given us the privilege to grow within the real society among young people, workers and closer to the enterprises.
Listening to their needs and responding to their expectations we have improved the social character of our action so we pursued, team up with the trade union work, the compatibility between economic growth, well –being and social cohesion essential condition for the “citizenship”.

Citizenship is challenged today by the labor market, the weak participation of women, young people, stuck without real job offers and by the economic crisis that created also difficulties for the reintegration of the over 50 in mobility.

Those are real needs that require real and personalized answers.
Trough the e-learning program is possible to obtain guidance services and work training matching with supply –demand with the aim of requalification, skills updating and a total retraining.

Ever since the IAL was just an "institution" our mission has been an open, efficient and quality training for people.
Facing the current challenges we decided to star again starting from the people and work trough the innovation setting up a network of training services using the efficiency of the market and a real commitment to the values of solidarity and social cohesion.

For this reason we start again as a social enterprise with a new name – Innovation, learning, work- proud of our mission and our history carrying with us the earned experience thanks to the widespread presence in the country and in Europe and many collaborations with international universities and business community.

We start again, still FREE TO…


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