IAL Co. Ltd Social Enterprise


IAL - Innovation Learning Work is the largest limited liability company’s network with the title of social enterprise operating in Italy in the field of professional training.
The CISL founded it in 1955 to promote a better protection of work, from the professional qualification of workers to the competitiveness of enterprises. The IAL has based its structure in labour policies gaining a leadership position in providing services, activities and training programs for both people and organizations.
Its action became more and more complex and specialized thanks to a network of qualified partners in Italy and abroad.

Innovation Learning Work offers, thanks to its constant research of innovation, services and highly competitive "tailored" training programs based on efficiency, flexibility and certified quality, guaranteed by the accreditation of 14 social enterprises . This requirement is essential for work in the field of publicly funded education and inter professional funds.

The IAL’s system provides integrated services planned taking into account the real needs of people, enterprises and territories to develop growth opportunities looking, at the same time, to Europe where the IAL is represent with delegations in Brussels, Stuttgart and Sofia.

Quality and efficiency, flexibility and rationality, consistency and innovation, growth and participation.
Those are the foundations of our way of thinking and doing "training". Our site, always open to growth and improvement, is finding its constant stimulation and cultural insights in “Training tomorrow” magazine.

This kind of training requires strong analytical skills which the IAL’s network offers thanks to CESOS Co. Ltd social enterprise, an historical research centre of Economic and Social Studies sponsored by the ICFTU specialized in relations industrial transformations of systems and training policies.
This is an example of an Effective training focused on the achievement of the main goals.
An open training that offers solutions and innovative paths to producers, executives and managers which are too specialized to find an adequate position in the traditional structure.

This is why investments in new technologies were increased, developing a range of paths and web-based services that are provided through our platform for distance education accessible from the national portal.
The dimension of our action, the flexible organizing strategies and good practice are the real added value for us.
Customizing methodologies of teaching applied on a daily basis are implemented through the activation of a network of collaborations with:

• Prestigious firms and consulting companies
• Experts in research and development
• Authoritative experts from the academic world
• Managers and experts in human resources
• Institutions related to the world of education (eg. ISFOL)
• Project managers and administrators able to manage complex projects
• Trainers with proven experience

We’ve consolidated our commitment in training trough interventions on cross-cutting themes often in accordance with representative organizations, companies and the specialized contribution of our partners, especially:

• Managers and governance training
• Human Resource Management
• Health and safety at work
• Equal opportunities
• Empowerment
• Collective bargaining and development
• Customer management
• Communication
• Marketing
• Team building
• Data and ECDL
• Linguistic area
• Management review

We also support development strategies of enterprises with regard of the available funds (regional, national, communitarian and allocated by inter professional funds).
Thanks to our experience, Innovation-Learning –Work is an important business partner for companies offering an highly training support in the analysis of requirements and management training.

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